You put a V8 in what?!

I'll be completely honest here. I was with you on this at one time. I still remember the night I received a phone call from my buddy Jason...

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LS1 Powered s2000 on the Track

Sometimes you have to see it to believe it.

From the January 2011 issue of Modified Magazine

No, the world has not ended. If you turn your eyes to the sky, you won't find the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse riding through fire and brimstone, nor will you see pigs with wings high above. Although, considering the car we see on these pages, the assumption is warranted. After all, the coveted Honda S2000 F-series motor is (arguably) one of the best 4-cylinder engines ever made, so why would anyone choose get rid of it? The answer is simple actually; double the number of cylinders, double your fun!

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s2000 LSx Installation Instructions
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Import Muscle LSx Swap Headers
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s2000 LSx Swap Kit (Complete) v8 s2000 swap kit, v8 s2000, ls1 s2000, ls1 s2000 swap kit, s2000 turbo, s2000 supercharger, lsx s2000
Complete v8 swap kit including:- LS1/2/3/6 6061 Aluminum / Steel Motor...